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Chef’s Potluck Dinner - when chefs get together

It started with a conversation between Social House owner Laura McGlynn and I. Wonderment really: the chefs work SO hard. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could bring them together and give them an opportunity and a space to hang out with each other? Build camaraderie, build community, which is one of the cornerstones of the Social House, the amazing Co-working studio that has fundamentally and positively affected my business since joining them last year. What if WE could do our little part?

That was two months ago.

The idea took traction, grew up a bit, went under the discerning eyes of a few culinary leaders, a flurry of emails, a bit of online shopping, some flower collaboration, some frantic texts and emails during a black tie wedding, a few late nights “OH crap, we forgot the…”


Chef’s potluck dinner at Social House


And then, without much more fanfare than what I just described (and honestly, that wasn’t much), it happened Monday night. A simple chef's potluck dinner. Yet it was so much more than that. It was a celebration of our amazing chefs, a bringing together of our amazing culinary talent and the opportunity for the chefs to kick back, chill out and hang out with each other.

We had 25 total guests – counting chefs sig-oths and sous come break bread at the Social House. We suggested a potluck dinner and purposefully did not organize too much. Our whole attitude was “they’re all big boys and girls – they can figure it out.” The Social House offered up their kitchen if the chefs needed it and we loved watching how the chefs gravitated toward the kitchen, even during the cocktail hour designed specifically for them.  We had killer cocktails from David Bouchard of Nitrogen and beautiful wine form Mariya Kovacheva of Pernod Ricard, a natural fit from her days of pouring wine at Café Boulud with Zach Bell. Plus, Mariya’s known me since I was a baby (okay, a 20-something which feels almost the same).


For one night we wanted to serve them


They slipped into the role of guest unnaturally at times – but that was the whole point. They spend all season long serving – for one night, so at Chef's potluck dinner we wanted to serve them. I got a few requests along the way to let others join the fun but we felt pretty strongly about keeping the invites to chefs only – no public, no tickets sold, no media. We simply wanted to provide a venue and logistics for you guys to hang out.
We roped Zach Bell into being our official MC of the night – the Patron as we think of him. And there are so many more chefs that we look forward to including in the next dinner – please drop me an email if we may have missed you this time around. It certainly was not intentional. We’re already planning for a kid’s table at the next one!


Why the Chef’s potluck dinner made my day


And can I just say – that was the best damn potluck dinner I have ever been to. Just imagine 20+ dishes where every bite was the best dish you’ve ever eaten. It was like Thanksgiving times fifty – where everything you ate was the best. I flew to Vegas the next day and not one meal I had in Vegas topped that dinner.

I got a little misty-eyed looking around the room and watching all the chefs hanging out at Chef's potluck dinner and talking to each other because I’m like that. It was exactly what I wanted. Thank you all SO much for coming (and bringing such delicious food). You made our dreams come true this week.


[…] Chef’s Potluck Dinner - when chefs get together […]

[…] Chef’s Potluck Dinner - when chefs get together […]

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