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cinemagraphs food photograpy libby vision south florida

Cinemagraphs food Libby Vision


I’ve been wanting to get a little bit more into video lately but I want it to be video that falls in line with what I do photographically. I’m not interested in putting together really boring "this is how you make a chicken cordon bleu” video for instance.

Actually, I did that for over a year when I was a newspaper photographer. And while it was always fun, it was never artistic. And it certainly wasn’t visionary.

Enter cinemagraphs food photograpy libby vision south florida cinemagraphs.



I love them. They’re quirky, they’re cute, they possess the ability to show a styled scene and moody lighting. I’m totally into them.

I've also taught myself stop motion videos - which are even more quirky and fun. I'm slowly populating my instagram page with these and will be adding these to my web site soonish.

If you’d like some fun videos created for your restaurant or your brand, inquire here.


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