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Kai Kai Farm BBQ ⋆ Event Photography

Indiatown. BBQ Event ⋆ Farm Photography, Kai Kai Farm

BBQ at Kai Kai Farm, Indiatown. Farm Photography

I frequent Kai Kai Farm – I think there’s magic in their vegetables and whenever I’m a little low of my magic, I show up when the gates open at sunrise and spend a few hours walking the fields, borrowing a bit of theirs.

But I’m not usually out there at sunset. And while I’ve frequently had their delicious vegetables – I’ve never had a spread like the one served up at their barbecue on March 14!

It started with a leisurely tour of the farm – checking out their new plot of land they’ve started farming on, digging into some boiled peanuts and some fresh tea. Soon, after everyone had made their way out to Indiantown and joined the festivity we heard more from Carl about how the farm runs as we helped ourselves to plate after plate of delicious food!

Nathan Venzara was in charge of preparing all the salads, all winners: frisee salad with sweet peppers, red onion and maple Dijon vinaigrette; roasted yellow beans with dried cranberries and rosemary lemon sauce; romaine salad with strawberries, toasted almonds, goat cheese and white balsamic vinaigrette; Asian greens and kale salad with rainbow carrots, snow peas, mandarins and sesame orange vinaigrette, raw kohlrabi and gold beet salad with scarlet frill mustard greens, lemon vinaigrette and fresh herbs.

Farmer Diane Cordeau recommended to guests to use one plate for the veggies and another for the meats – and for the meat side we had brisket, BBQ chicken, sliders, ribs – this was by no means just a veggie thing.

So much delicious food!

For dessert, individually wrapped s’mores and cupcakes from Prosecco Café. But these weren’t just any old cupcakes. Earlier in the day, Kai Kai had delivered carrots, beets and other fresh veggies to Prosecco and the veggies had been used in the ‘cakes. So there were carrot cake with cream cheese topping, lavender and beet! They were amazing.

The event was BYOB and communal dining and we listened to the band Flint Blade & Honeydew – Honeydew (aka Alison Murphy is also the chef and proprietor of Veggie Love food truck). They softly crooned to us as we finished plate after heaping plate of dinner.

After dinner, as the sky turned a deep blue and twinkly lights filled the sky, we gathered around the fire and passed around a mason jar of honeybell tangerine-infused bourbon. It was – as I hope you suspect – the best of Florida farm life.

And I can’t wait for the next one.

Disclosure: Kai Kai Farm provided tickets to attend the BBQ. The opinions expressed herein are those solely of the author/photographer. 


Kai Kai Events: Tickets for the dinner were $60 per person.
For more information on Kai Kai Farm, please go to www.kaikaifarm.com or sign up for their newsletter.

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