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Local Spotlight – Feature on Halle Frey of Flower and Fringe


I first met Halle Frey from Flower and Fringe because of Instagram. I’m an instagram junkie – obsessed with beautiful pictures cascading through my feed all day. Her feed in particular caught my eye (@FlowerAndFringe) and at the time, I only knew I wanted her floral style in my house. I was in a rare fit of redecorating. Believe me, as visual as I am, aside from gorgeous walls the house isn’t Vanity Fair-esque. At all. But I wanted to spruce up the bedroom and add some femininity to it and I had in my mind a vase of beautiful dried flowers.

Halle was just starting her company after working on a yacht. I started stalking following her online and begged her to meet me. She seemed unfazed by my persistence and after explaining what I wanted, she created a couple of gorgeous displays that dried perfectly and still adorn my bedroom. Along the way, I started buying bouquets from her. Like, all the time.

I LOVE having fresh flowers in the house. They remind me of my mother. They remind me of life. On a recent Saturday Night Live skit, Leslie Jones told her next love to never bring her flowers, that they reminded her of death but I couldn’t disagree more. Flowers are hope, beauty, life, joy.

So that was the beginning – then it blossomed into a friendship and then I started bringing her along on photo shoots to do visual styling with me. She’s got a gorgeous eye and I love, love, love working with her.

Her business, Flower and Fringe, creates the flowers for weddings, personal styling in houses (she decorated my house for Christmas for instance), restaurants, businesses. She created a 40-foot garland used in a ribbon-cutting ceremony. She created flower crowns for my dogs (and she does people too and infants for photo shoots). She does workshops around town and pop-up markets where she sells her flowers and creates custom bouquets. Most recently, she created gorgeous heart-shaped wreaths on the back wall at Subculture and people in the town of West Palm Beach added their love letters for Valentine’s Day.

Today, she manages to be both a wonderful florist and has single-handedly captivated all of South Florida with her unique, untamed floral displays and a blooming business. She’s coming into her own as she learns to balance work and play though I always wish she slept more. But I get it – she’s a young entrepreneur. I love being able to share business ideas and motivation with her. She’s got wonderful energy and heart and it’s fun to watch her along this path. And above all, you can see how much she truly cares – about her clients, her friends, her displays, her weddings, her business and perhaps most deeply, about the community of downtown West Palm Beach. She’s one of the reasons that this little community is growing into such a fantastic place and I have a feeling she’s going to be an integral part of what it becomes in the future. So keep your eyes on her and Flower and Fringe. Big things are coming.

I begged her to answer a few questions for me in the middle of wedding season (she also has a really hard time saying no to me – haha) so we could share a little more about Halle with you!


Instagram: @FlowerAndFringe

Hometown: Erie, Pennsylvania

What I’ve learned from Halle Frey: To take time every day to appreciate the beauty in life

How she helps me: SO many ways! Halle Frey provides flowers for my photo shoots, she works as a visual stylist on projects with me, she gives me inspiration by creating beauty and she’s a great entrepreneur to discuss business struggles and triumphs with. Even though we’re in different fields (photography vs. flowers) as women running our own businesses that are both taking off, we are facing the same struggles – not enough sleep, growth, and a deep dislike for paperwork. Having someone that you can simply text “I HATE PROPOSALS” makes you feel so much less alone.


A few of Halle's favorite things...

Restaurant: My weekly spot, Hullabaloo

Happy hour spot: Imoto

Flower: Queen Ann’s Lace, lots of greenery

Book: Sweet Potato Pie Society

Assignment: When a client gives me creative freedom

Favorite part of the day: I like my early morning walks with my dog Daisy. I grab a coffee and walk down by the water.

Country you most want to visit: Italy has my heart. The next place I would like to visit is Spain.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Halle photos by PS Photography

Something about Halle Frey you might not know

I have a little anchor tattoo that I got when I was 30. It symbolizes hope for me and reminds me of my time at sea.


Halle Frey as an entrepreneur

Hardest thing about being an entrepreneur: Balancing personal and work life. right now my personal life feels nonexistent but I’m working on changing that, haha.

Best part about working for yourself: The creative freedom and the ability to grow your business however you dream.

Bucket list assignment: It’s not so much of an assignment but a vision for F&F. I would like to have a new space that is inviting to the WPB community.

[…] Local Spotlight – Feature on Halle Frey of Flower and Fringe […]

[…] Local Spotlight – Feature on Halle Frey of Flower and Fringe […]

[…] photo shots, she was one of the featured artists! She and Desi, her sweet left hand girl created flowers made completely out of sugar and then styled the scene as an homage to a piece of artwork Desiree […]

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