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A magazine cover for Wycliffe Country Club

Seafood 4


I spent a recent lovely day over at Wycliffe Country Club with my favorite dear old friend Christine DiRocco. We were diving into fall creations and though the weather outside was anything but, we were fooling ourselves mentally. The task at hand? Creating a magazine cover for the Wycliffe Country Club beautiful glossy.

We slowly cut up sage and thyme and big bountiful acorn squashes. Added in some citrus because, Florida. And soon we had a winning photo that we (and everyone else) LOVED.


Of course, the day was just beginning and soon we were elbows deep in lobster claws and roast chicken – which kind of sums up fall in Florida in general. And as we took a super quick lunch break, dipping in said lobster claws to some melted butter we’d just previously been shooting it was also a purely Florida moment.

Seafood Wycliffe Country Club Libby Vision food photography



The finished product were photos not just for Instagram and Facebook but also we created the photos for the most beautiful magazine that is delivered to members of the country club! Such a very fun project to work on!

2td_wycliffe_mag_cover_Winter 2018


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