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Memorable photography experience for The Ravenous Chef

I recently zipped down into Miami for a quick photo shoot with Chef and Pastry Chef from The Ravenous Chef.  I had no doubt that I was going to get great photos from them. They’re full of personality, they brought props and we had a great big space to work in. Win win win. But I was touched when I received the following email from from Chef Plasencia a few days later:

Morning Libby. Just wanted to thank you not only for some great pics but for an even better experience. I've never felt so comfortable in front of a camera! Who knew that it all it would take was to find a badass Nebraska chic living in South Florida. Looking forward to seeing the pics and MANY future endeavors -R  

Eat. Drink. Repeat.

The Ravenous Chef portrait food photography libby vision miami

The Ravenous Chef portrait food photography libby vision miami


This testimonial to me was everything. Yeah, it’s cool to get paid to make pictures. That feeling never wears off. But it’s way cooler to create something awesome for someone, to create an experience they never thought they were going to have, to be comfortable in front of the camera. Way cooler than getting paid.


Now onto The Ravenous Chef. Headed by Chief Culinary Officer Chef Plasencia who worked at Town Kitchen & Bar, Jake’s, The Gastropub at Jake’s, Baptist Health South Florida, The Shore Club, Por Fin and The Biltmore Hotel among others. One of his burgers was even listed on Burger Beast’s Top 25 Burgers in Miami and South Florida (serve with a slab of guava!)


The Ravenous Chef portrait food photography libby vision south florida



So go visit them. Hire them. Taste their amazing food.



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