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Best food blog winner


Recently, I woke up to the very best kind of email – the sort that tells you that without even entering, I won Top 50 food blogs and web sites!

Top 50 Food Photography Blogs & Websites for Food Photographers


Number 32 to be precise (I’ll save you the suspense of scrolling down to find me). Though you definitely should scroll down, as there’s some awesome people on this list who are way more worthy than I am, including Betty Liu, Cannelle Et Vanille, Two Loves Studio and one of my favorite presences on Instagram, TermiNatetor Kitchen.


I’m in excellent company and I’m not sure exactly how I’ve landed on this top 50 food blogs and web sites list but I know better than to look a gift horse in the eye! I’m extremely humbled and only more motivated to do better and better work in the future.



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